• Emily Hess

A Big Family Clarification

Before we take this website blog any further, Trent and I feel the need to clear something up.

It is, and continues to be, unashamedly, our goal to normalize big families and to encourage other Christians to have large families.

Five joy-filled gals (Photo Copyright Stacy Parmarter Photography)

However, it is not, and will never be, our goal to make any person feel “less than” as a mom, dad, and follower of Christ if you do not have a large family.

We absolutely understand that many people have health concerns (physical and mental), struggle with infertility, suffer heart-aching miscarriages, and feel the weight of their current children, especially children with a myriad of special needs.

I hope that if you find yourself in the category of “nope”, not having more children, that you will still follow along on our blog. If you feel that “you’re just not sure if you’re done”, I hope you’ll stick around. If you aren’t a parent yet, please, please follow along.

Children are hilarious and along with our practical parenting tips I hope to lighten your day by sharing some kid quotes, funny pictures, and the joy (and frustrations) I experience every day.

It may surprise some of you to learn that this website was on Trent’s heart long before mine. It is something he prayed about for a long time, and we prayed about it together. Already we have experienced first-hand the Lord’s provision for a specific need for the building of the website and so believe that His hand is upon this venture.

We fully expect to garner criticism as all followers of Christ should. Just because this is where the Lord has led both Trent and I, we just want to reiterate that if you have truly prayed over it and considered your situation and do not feel led to have more children that we are not judging you by the words and topics we write about.

It is our greatest hope that everyone who reads this blog will be encouraged in some way.

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