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Monday Meal List

While I won’t bore you with our meal list every week, I think it may be helpful to see what a family of seven eats. Let me just forewarn you, it’s not that exciting. In fact, Trent was a little embarrassed that I was going to post this. I could have cherry-picked a different week to try to impress you but that would defeat the purpose.

I am not a gourmet chef. In fact, I’m generally a little ambivalent about food and what we eat. Sorry to all you foodies out there. Be prepared to be underwhelmed.

I do like baking cookies, but alas, man cannot live on cookies alone (or something like that).

Over the past several years Trent and I have sat down on Sunday night and planned our meal list for the week. We look at what we have going on, any sports activities, meetings, or day time appointments to figure out what will work best for our schedule. In general, we eat things that are very simple and easy. Trent does the grocery shopping on Monday evenings, taking one girl with him on a rotating schedule (the littlest two go together on their week). Without further ado – our evening meals for the week of May 28-June 3.

Monday, May 28: Leftover Chinese food from Ruthie’s 1-year-home party.

Tuesday, May 29: BLT wraps with chips. (This was an on-the-go meal I packed to take to Anne’s softball game.)

Wednesday, May 30: In-laws. Since before Trent and I were married my mother-in-law has cooked for us every Wednesday night. As you can imagine, it’s an astronomical blessing in our lives. This evening we ate strawberry shortcake for dinner. She does this once a year during strawberry season and it’s always a treat the girls look forward to.

Thursday, May 31: Ham, pepperoni, and cheese subs, yogurt and popcorn: another on-the-go meal for Anne’s softball game.

Friday, June 1: Sloppy joes, baked beans, and fries.

Saturday, June 2: Salad from our garden and chicken nuggets.

Sunday June 3: Frozen pizza, apple slices, chips, and strawberries from our garden.

I do all the cooking during the week and Trent does the cooking on the weekend. Trent is an excellent cook (soups are his specialty) but he usually does simple foods on the weekend. We try to keep the freezer stocked with things that he can throw on the grill throughout the spring and summer months, and oven meals for the cooler months.

Once you have more than one child it’s pretty much guaranteed that any meal you make at least one child will not like. None of our children have any food allergies so I do not cater to their whims. They don’t have to eat what I make, but they do have to sit at the table with the family (or on the blanket at a sibling’s softball game). If there is a meal that more than two of our five children do not like, I won’t make it very often.

I hope this is helpful!

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