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Rainy Day Movie Review

We don't watch a lot of movies over the summer, but an exhausting pool day yesterday made me eager for a restful activity.

I had recently heard World Radio talk about a movie called Oddball. As many animal-movies go, there are predictable parts (the mean dog catcher and the bumbling police officer). However, what I personally enjoyed about this movie is that the Fairy Penguins which are endangered are at risk, not because of global warming or horrible humans (because let's be honest, this plot is redundant and boring), but as the result of foxes making their way to the little island. The lovable dog is, of course, the hero of the day.

Photo Copyright from IMP Awards http://www.impawards.com/intl/australia/2015/oddball.html

It's an Australian movie and some of the actors had heavy accents which were hard for my littler girls to understand, but they didn't really care if they caught every nuance or not. They cared about the adorable penguins and the funny dog.

Words of caution for families: the movie is rated PG. There are a couple swear words (which always, in my opinion, can be eliminated by producers. I've never understood why they feel it's necessary to add them). Also, the main family is a broken family and there is a scene where the mom's new boyfriend has spent the night and is taking care of the daughter in the morning while the mom is at work, and he tries to buy her affection with a new pair of shoes; this may require some conversation with older kids. Then there's the usual in animal movies: dog farts, a good dog chase through town, and other silly animal things that kids love.

In general, it's a great movie. One of my girls sobbed, and everyone loved the happy ending.

And best of all? Right now it's free on Amazon Prime!

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