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Talking to Children About Abortion

Today men, women and children from all over the country went to Washington DC to march for every person’s right to life. This is the first inalienable right provided for in our Declaration of Independence, yet this right is denied to millions of unborn children each year.

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Some parents may wonder, when should I talk to my child about abortion?

Middle school? High school? It’s a sensitive topic and some parents may not feel equipped to have this sort of conversation with their child. I hesitated initially to talk to my children about abortion because I hated to tarnish their innocence. My girls love babies. Telling them that there is a procedure called “abortion” in which doctors kill the baby growing inside of a woman was appalling. They were shocked and confused.

Even so, I urge you, Christian moms and dads, to talk to them early and often about topics such as this.

I can guarantee if you aren’t, someone else is or will be.

If they don’t already know where you stand as a Christian person, and why every life is valuable and why abortion is an act of evil, they will easily be persuaded by people and culture who make it seem hip and cool.

Maybe you’ve seen the video going around the internet featuring a woman speaking to kids about abortion. Specifically, she is telling them about how great abortion is, including her own abortion that she got after having unprotected sex. If you care to, you can read LIVE Action’s article about the video here: https://www.liveaction.org/news/shout-abortion-kids-abortion-video/?fbclid=IwAR0GCK5NFavs3Msgl1sSdVYhPN0UxRct-VJ-asWOon5Gh5avUv2WuDNchaE

In the video, Bonow compares her abortion to a “crappy dentist appointment”. She claims to “feel validated” by what a pre-teen says about abortion. And when challenging the one child who said he thought abortion was wrong when the person is being reckless, she responds by telling him, “I think it’s part of God’s plan.” I’m not encouraging you to view the video, and I hesitate to even mention such vile trash as this for fear of giving it greater publicity than it already has.

Before I write more I would urge you to stop and pray for this woman. Pray for her to come to the knowledge of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am strong in my beliefs yet hope to temper them with grace. I am a sinner and have made mistakes also. I would encourage any woman who has had an abortion and has grieved over it to get help. Most crisis pregnancy centers also offer post-abortion support. Please, seek help. You are valuable and should receive forgiveness from the only One who can grant it, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

At this point, science is firmly on the side of life.

The “clump of cells” theory doesn’t hold true; ultrasounds have made that perfectly clear. We also know, because of science, that each human has their own unique set of DNA. So the “it’s my body” argument doesn’t hold water either. Your body can’t have two unique sets of DNA. The argument that Pro-Life people only care about babies before they are born and not after also doesn’t hold up. Many people who foster, adopt, run crisis pregnancy centers, and attempt to support individuals to rise above poverty are pro-life.

So let’s be practical. You may already hold the same beliefs as me but you don’t know when to talk to your children about abortion. The answer to that is as I said before: early and often.

Preschool is not too young to talk about the intrinsic value of all life. These early conversations do not need to be graphic. A simple chat about babies growing in their mother’s womb and how each child is precious in the sight of God is a good place to start.

These should be on-going conversations in your home. By second grade, especially if you watch television or your child is in school, your child will have heard the term abortion. Once again, you don’t need to be graphic, but you need to be on top of being the first one to explain to them what abortion is. They need to hear from Mom and Dad the truth about abortion and what the Bible says about life. Your children need to know how a baby is formed. They need to know how science proves the unique life of every child in the womb. They need you to tell them that abortion ends a human life and is wrong. Your children need to understand from you that regardless of the difficult situation parents find themselves in, ending their child’s life is never the right answer.

They also need to understand that you take seriously the need to help those families who chose life for their children. We’ve fostered, and we’ve adopted, but we’ve also done simpler things. One day I took the girls to the store to help pick out baby outfits, buy diapers and other baby necessities, and then we personally delivered the items to a local crisis pregnancy center. Throughout that day we had conversation about what we were doing, and why it was important.

As the years go on, these will be discussions that we continue to have with our children. As they reach High School and College age I know they will encounter many people with differing opinions, including some who can be very persuasive, and some who will make them feel like their pro-life view is ridiculous, closed-minded, or anti-woman.

The foundation that we’ve helped them establish will be critical to their ability to stand firm in the truth.

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